About the Journal

 Al-Hikmah: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pemikiran Islam is a journal of Islamic education and thought, which is published twice a year from January to June and July to December. Al-Hikmah is a research article in the form of developmental research, qualitative, quantitative, literature studies, theoretical applications, and critical analysis studies in the field of Islamic religious education

Published by: STAI AL-HIKMAH, Medan

Journal Information

Journal title Al-Hikmah: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pemikiran Islam
Subject Education and Islamic Thought
Language English, Indonesia
ISSN 0216-4191 (online)
Frequency 2 issues per year (June & December) 
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Editor-in-chief Dr. Masdar Limbong, M.Pd
Publisher STAI Al-Hikmah
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Editorial Assitant Dr. Hendra Kurniawan, M.Pd